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An Introduction to Viral Marketing

An Introduction to Viral Marketing
By Silke Stahl

Intro to Viral Marketing

Viral Marketing is the hot topic at the moment, but many dont really understand what the term means. As this is an internet based business, and therefore Internet Marketing, we absolutely need to look at it in internet terms.

You understand when someone sends you a joke on email and its a great one you want to pass it on. From your mailbox you open your list of friends names and post the joke on to everyone you understand , or every body on your joke list, a list of people you pass jokes on to.

Next measure you do this, have a scroll down the electronic mail to see the list of all the people it has come from at the head of each mailing. Each human who sent the joke on will have sent it to every one on their joke list. You will see quite a few names youll recognize, some of who will be on your own list.

This is Viral the joke has been passed on like a virus from person to person. Everyone they come in contact with has passed it on to every body else they know.

The trick with viral selling is to duplicate that process with your businesses products and the business opportunity itself pass your stores website URL on to every one who cleans their house or takes nutritional supplements, or who might, and get them to do the identical with every one they understand .

Also, a lot of all the people who start using the products are going to want to get the products at wholesale. So they want their own store. So they sign up under you! And you get the commission not only on what they buy, but on anything everybody they know buy from them, and for anyone who signs up under them, who will be in your second line!

So, just as you send a joke you get to your joke list, you positive need to get the biz opp to anyone who has a biz opp list. Congratulations, you have just been introduced to Listbuilding!

Marketing tools

Why utilize advertising tools? A lot of many people on the Net arent looking to join a code , they are already in one. It doesnt matter that ours is better than theirs, if they never look at the opp and consider it, they aint gonna signup.

What we may give them however is a certain way to sell what they are already selling. So we offer them our advertising tools. In doing so, they join our downline for that program, and so does anyone else they sign up. This gives us selling methods to get our biz opp out to many people who DO want to see it!


Remember the analogy earlier about the joke list? What you have there is a list of everybody you send jokes to. How did you make that list? Your list of friends who you send jokes to. How did you get on the list of someone else, the human who sent you the joke?

What you absolutely need to build for your biz opp is what is known as an opt in list. This is a list of all the people who have chosen to join your list to receive understanding from you.

Building a list is vital for many reasons.

SPAM is the first and foremost it is illegal to send spam unsolicited e mail to people who havent asked for it and didnt want it. Junk mail.

Despite the legal ramifications, look at the basic logic. Why send your biz opp to someone who doesnt want to see it? Why send a letter to someone who will just bin it without even opening it? Why send an email with a backlink to your site if the human receiving it doesnt want to know so wont even go look at it?

You may have the best biz in the world and sell the hottest products but if you can not get everybody to it, you arent going to contruct a sale!

So we utilize listbuilding tools so that you have people to send your biz opp to! These are known as VLBs Viral List Builders.

And a sizeably successful way to market your VLB is on a Traffic Exchange code a TE, Surf Exchange, Surf 4 Hits, etc. (Whats in a name?)

Once you have a list of everybody who opted in to hear from you, and you have made initial contact and built up a relationship, then you might show them a biz opp that works for you, and then help them build their own business.
Congratulations - youve just become a mentor!


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