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Could You Be A Workaholic?

If you positive need to put on boots and grab a lap-top computer to relieve yourself at night, you might be a redneck workaholic.

It never crossed my mind that there could be such a thing as a redneck workaholic, until I read a column on Are you a workaholic?

Did you read this?" I asked my wife. "Are you a workaholic? It looks just like those you-might-be-a-redneck jokes.

My wife studied the page. Maybe it was written by a redneck alcoholic. She suggested.

Workaholic, not alcoholic.

How do you know the writer is not an alcoholic? she demanded.

I dont. But the column is about workaholics, and it reads just like a series of redneck jokes.

Well, maybe it was written by a redneck workaholic, then. She suggested.

No way. There is no such a thing.

Why not? she wanted to understand .

Because workaholics sit late in front of computer screens and steroid-laced in-boxes, wearing $500 suits and $550 haircuts. Folks out here wear $19.95 jeans and occasionally wash their hair.

But many of them do spend late hours in front of their computers, my wife pointed out.

Like who?

Like you.

Oh, yeah

Being a workaholic is not just about computers and offices and taking out a mortgage for a haircut, she added. Look at Buster.


Sure, every measure hes set to retire, he goes and buys another machine, she pointed out. One year it was a backhoe. Another it was a dump truck.

Wow, he must be desperate this year.

Why? my wife asked.

Because this year he bought a whole combine

Ooh, that does sound desperate.

plus a farm to utilize it on!

See? my wife smiled. You do not have to live in the city to be a workaholic. There could be such a thing as a workaholic redneck.

Thats a pity. Being a workaholic means missing out on a lot of life.

Thats true, but its not just city folk who miss their kids growing up or are too busy working to help their wives clean the dishes.

I took the hint and picked up a drying cloth. You mean that anyone might get caught up in work, and lose sight of whats really important? Even farmers, moat diggers and the guy who sorts through the trash at the dump looking for the tastiest morsels to throw to the gulls?

I suppose so, she answered with that what-have-you-been-smoking look on her face. "Why not try to see if workaholic redneck jokes work?"

Well, if you look forward to Christmas this year, because you might take the afternoon off from tilling the land, you might be a workaholic redneck.

Thats the spirit, she encouraged.

I tried another, If youre drinking your morning coffee from a dirty mason jar from yesterday, you might be a workaholic redneck.

Very nice , she praised.

If you stick family pictures to your backhoe window to remind you what they look like, you might be a workaholic redneck.

Why not try one more, just to generate sure? my wife suggested.

OK, if you bring your work with you to your sons baseball game, you might be a workaholic redneck.

Uh, OK she began.

And if nobody complains about the smell, you might live in a town full of workaholic rednecks!

"You got it!" she shouted.

I realized that I had spent way too much instant talking about workaholic redneck jokes. There was only one thing I could do to compensate.

I tossed aside the drying cloth, grabbed my lap-top computer and rushed to the outhouse to catch up on a few hundred urgent emails.

David Leonhardt is a humor columnist


He is author of Climb Your Stairway to Heaven


Read more personal growth articles:


Visit his liquid vitamins store:




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