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Dont let them see you sweat! The art of Performing Magic!

The Art of Performing Magic Tricks

Weve all been there. Our hands are sweaty, your heart is
racing and your hands are shaking like a leaf. Yes, I am
talking about trying to pull off your first magic trick that you
just learned. You are excited to show your friends and family
your amazing trick but then when the instant comes, boom!!! its
like you are standing on stage in your underwear and every body is
laughing at you!! Even though you have practiced the trick
hundred times or more and in front of the mirror, its never the
same when you are about to do it to real many people .

Well, have no fear, as this you will be glad to hear it may be
conquered and you will pull of your trick like the pros!! You
see, it is natural for our body to tense up when the spotlight
is on you, now not every body is the same, some many people are just
naturally gifted to have that knack of performing for many people ,
they love the spotlight, then there are the other 90 percent
that have to work at it to get relaxed of the beading eyes
watching there every move.

So, what do we do about this nervousness?? Here are some quick
tips for you:

When performing any kind of magic, be it card magic or a certain
illusion...the best way to get your audiences attention so they
are not focusing on what you are sometimes trying to cover up,
is to make use of your hands as they will always follow your hands when
you talk. The other thing is to always look into their eyes,
this makes them focus on you also. Last but not least, in your
routine, inquire of your audience questions, this gets them even more
distracted and not so focused on trying to find the secret to
your magic trick!!

If you do all the above magic trick tips above, you will also
notice that you will loosen up in the process knowing that your
audience is in your control!!! No more sweaty hands, shakiness,
or standing in your underwear feeling:)

You just have to learn some patter, as in small talk, learn
some jokes, some one liners, this will take your magic
performance to the next level.

Practice these tips and you will have no problem with your
future performances.


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