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Laughing all the way to the bank

Laugh all the way to the bank

Who says online promoting is boring and expensive? Here is a simple way to have a lot of fun and get your offer in front of thousands within a few weeks. In fact, by following these simple steps you might set in motion an online branding machine that will bring on residual effects for years to come. Best of all, its positively costless.

First a question, have you ever received a joke e mail from a friend? Most of us have. Now think for a second what did you do when you received that joke? Here is what most many people do. They sit in front of their computers and they read the joke. Hopefully they laugh, and then THEY PASS THE JOKE ON TO THEIR FRIENDS. Did you get that? THEY PASS THE JOKE ON TO THEIR FRIENDS. This is most definately the most overlooked yet truly dynamic formula for acquiring some serious exposure via email. Lets take a look at the example below.

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How to Use Humor to Increase Sales
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What is the A Great Portal web site about, what is so Great and what is a Portal?
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