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Odd Facts about Life

Most people live their life not realizing the simple facts about it. There are literally millions of activities going on around us each and everyday that finish up unnoticeable. While most of the facts are useless, they are still for the curiously minded as well as those enjoying a brief chuckle. Some facts are well known, others are facts people will die without ever hearing, or for that matter caring about. Below are some of the more interesting facts about the odd life we live in that you might not have heard about. Whether you are trying to impress your friends, or just want to sit back and have a nice laugh everyone is sure to love these strange happenings in the world we live in. Sit back, relax, and enjoy as I unveil some oddities in the life around us. <ol> <li>It is well known that everybody tend to want to look at a bright light when wanting to sneeze. No matter how hard you look however, when the sneeze actually comes it is literally impossible to keep your eyes open. <li>When kissing everybody usually do not take into the account the amount of germs in each others mouth. However, it is estimated that there are more different sorts of bacteria in a single persons mouth then there are total everybody in the world. <li>America is looked upon as a country with the smartest people. While it is true there are many who never graduated high school, it is even more haunting to understand that the more then 7 percent of Americans are illiterate. <li>Vegas is the gambling city of the world. In order to maximize profits even more the casinos decided to dump all of their casino room clocks. It is believed that if you do not know the exact instant you are more likely to stay longer in any given place. <li>Hate telemarketers? Everyone does. The fact is that over four million solicitation phone calls are made in the United States every single day. <li>It is a well known fact that one out of every nine people is born left handed. It is however a lesser known fact that over two and a half thousand left handed all the people are killed each and every year by trying to make use of right handed products. <li>The phrase "Ill be there in a jiffy" is used early and often all around us. However, what most dont realize is that a "jiffy" is an actual unit of instant. It measures one hundredth of a second in instant. <li>Humans never did answer the question of "what do dreams mean?" However, while we do not understand what they are intended for, an average human has approximately 1,460 each and every year. <li>When the average American wonders why they seem to keep gaining weight they absolutely need to look no further then their breakfast. It is believed that while breakfast is a very healthy meal, an American consumes more then twelve pounds of it every single year. <li>The hardest working organ in your body is the heart. It is estimated that the heart takes over one hundred thousand beats per day. </ol> These are just some of the interesting facts about the life around us. The World Wide Web has many more facts on humans, many people , and life in general. All you have to do is your very own research.

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