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"Offer Changing Content - 6 quick tips"

1. Always offer changing content on your site if appropriate
it will keep visitors coming back.

2. You can make use of news links for automated news updates or ,
another nice features are jokes, quotations, tips. (do a little
brainstorming and send them to me)

3. Have you ever revisited a site and wondered whether any
thing not readily visible has changed? Put up an "update" or
"whats new" section so everybody dont have to search for new
content(the next page is only a click away).

4. Use a tiny image or search engine friendly anchor writing link that say "New" or "Update"

5. Put all of your new content at the top or bottom or in a
designated section and do not keep moving the section around,
again always utilize the same location so visitors do not have to
search or click away from your page

6. This one is a no brainier ... offer a newsletter with updates
or put them in a designated section in your existing news letter ...

You may offer changing content from your website by using my
free of cost rotator code . Use it to change banners, text, quotes, links
or virtually any content on your website.

Random changes only, try it free of price and if you like it I can program
it to do daily, monthly or hourly changes for only $10 via clickbank
or give me a costless copy of your product if you like instead. I make use of
this program to rotate affiliate banners and ad copy on my WebPages,
should work with html ebooks as well(not with all though). You may
also give away the free of price code zipped document and oh yeah feel free of price to
add a small advertisement to the zip document but please mention that
you added it so they dont think I put your add in it.

Michael Hall, bsmbahamas@speedwayinternet.com
"Authentic Bahamian Recipes"
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