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Want To Act Like A Jerk, Get Online!

If you really want to be a jerk, just get online.

No one might see you online so you might just tell them
off in no uncertain terms.

Ordinarily very nice everybody come online and turn
into a wild bear that has been upset by someone.

It is the same as some very nice people who once
they get in their automobile they turn driving
into roadway rage.

Very hard to understand why many people act like animals
when they figure they are out of site.

I have many people subscribe to my newsletter and as soon
as I send out the newsletter or an ad that someone
has paid me to run, I get an electronic mail calling me everthing
but a white man.

They say I did not subscribe and you are sending me spam
and if it does not cease you will be in deep trouble.

Another one I get is that someone subscribes with one
e-mail address and then tries to unsubscribe with another
address and then gets upset with me because it does not

People please get a life, most of us editors do not make
expenses let alone any funds we may pocket. If you do not
want to receive newsletters or offers then do not subscribe.

Very simple so you might live in your cave like a hermit if
that is what is what you prefer. Most of us are not online
to use spam or send out e mail to someone who did not inquire of for

We have made this our life and to do such things would not
be in our best interest. Remember this the next time before
you fire off that burning e-mail that you wrote in anger.

You will find that 99% of editors are here to help not hinder.

We have feelings the identical as you and when you cut us down for
doing what is right it hurts us the same as it would you.

We spend a lot of hours getting our newsletters setup with ads,
articles, sometimes clean jokes and converting ads that are
formated in html when we publish in writing only.

Remember these things the next measure you get all jacked out of
shape and beginning exploding.

God go with you.



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