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What is the A Great Portal web site about, what is so Great and what is a Portal?

A Great Portal, Great Links to Great web sites has moved to a new website address, of http://www.agreatportal.com

This is part of on-going improvements. The web page has lots of links to various and interesting subjects as well as a Multi-search, a news headlines search and free of price website promotion.

Is it a Portal and is it Great?

See what you think.

As part of an on-going improvements the web page A Great Portal has moved to a new website address, of http://www.agreatportal.com. The new web sites address should be easier to remember, AGreatPortal.com and to tell your friends about. So what is the A Great Portal internet page about, why the new website address, what is so Great and what is a Portal?

A Great Portal is described as being Great links to dazzling web sites and features links to other web sites about: Special offers and bargains, cutting edge technology, free of price software, jigsaw puzzles, useful business links, career links, humour, fun, golf, Elvis Presley, stories, relaxation, teenager pages, a crazy dancing sheep and other jokes. Relaxation and stress acquired skill . Lots of various and interesting subjects. Multi-search and news headlines search, free of price website promotion.

A Great Portal has links to individual sites about the above issues. Each of the individual sites listed at A Great Portal has links to individual related website and this is just what a Portal is, (a collection of links to similar web sites ). For example the Compare Bargains site lists links relating to bargain shopping sites and discounts, the I work very hard Employment Portal has links, (lots of them) to companies taken on staff, recruitment, interviews and even employment jokes.

A Great Portal certainly might be classed as a Portal but what about the Great?

The number of useful and handy links from Elvis to Golf, from Bargains to Business, I think should qualify this site as Great.

Whether your looking for Science related subjects, joke related links, freeware, (costless software), a new career, business, social issues or need to take some measure out to relax A Great Portal provides links to all these and more.

A Great Portal acts as a central place to find links to and understanding about all the subjects above and is therefore a useful starting point for users to find the acquired skill they absolutely need.

What do you think? Is it A Great Portal?

Why the update? The old web page title (http://www.greatportal.ukhome.net, this automatically links to the new internet site ) was a bit difficult for users to remember and type in the new name is a lot easier and the web site title describes the site well as A Great Portal.

A Great Portal


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