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Why We Laugh!

Why We Laugh
by FreeCoolJokes Group

Why do we laugh? Is it a silly pun, riddles, amusing stories,
anecdotes, funny one liners, silly quotes, hilarious jokes,
dirty jokes, clean jokes, a commentary on world politics?

Maybe its the comic who jokes about his funny experiences
as a child or the comic who amuses you with his
raunchy x-rated humor. Or is it the slapstick of some
up and coming comic who tickles your funny bone.
Maybe its the dry wit of a political humorist or
the silly antics of a young entertainer.

According to leading psychologist all the people usually respond with
laughter to anything that disrupts their comfort zone. Most
successful humorist know this and use this fact to
strike a chord with their audience.

Leading psychologist also further explain laughter is a
merchandise of evolution. We laugh to release hidden fears,
a rise in tension. Laughter is a pressure release valve.
Accordingly, laughter is a natural tool to protect ourselves
against uncomfortable emotions. Remember an
uncomfortable situation where the tension was so thick
you could slice a knife with it. Soon the sound of laughter
released the heavy situation and lightened the load

Think about very young toddlers. What makes them laugh? Anything
that surprises. A funny sound. A funny face. And they giggle like crazy.

When we are pre-teens we find puns, riddles, silly jokes
about school, teachers, friends, very amusing.

Teens find jokes about the opposite sex, authority figures,
or anything parents would find offensive very funny.

When we mature into our twenties and thirties our sense
of humor matures. We develop a more sophisticated
intellectual humor. Funny stories amuse us or stories
with a twist or double meaning.

When we mature beyond our forties our sense of humor
is more about the life experiences we share, about
culture, and community. And consequently it will take
sophistication plus matured intelligence to
understand the deeper meaning of humor at this stage.

At this stage many many people might find your political
jokes, world affairs jokes, or the joke on the decline
in morality strikingly humorous. Where as a teen or
individuals in their twenties would fail to comprehend
your humor.

Perhaps the most encouraging thing about laughter
or humor is that it is contagious. Start your
day with a smile and a sizeably effective dose of humor. Share
it with those around you!

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