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Women: You are beautiful despite your hair loss!

When a man begins to lose his hair, it is the cause of jokes amongst friends as well as an increase in hat purchases. As embarrassing as it might be for an individual, male hair loss is a very socially accepted condition. When a woman starts to notice thinning hair, it is another matter entirely. There are no sitcom jokes about a balding woman character, there are no bumper stickers aimed at females with hair loss, and there are no commercials telling women that there are options and that youre not alone. Our culture is simply silent on the subject.

The fact is, however, that there are over 30 million women with thinning hair. Thats one out of every five females. But none of them are prepared for it. It comes as a complete shock due to the lack of information on the subject.

Female hair loss, like its male counterpart, is largely caused by genetics. If there is a history of hair loss in your mother, grandmothers, and aunts you can be susceptible to hair loss yourself. Other causes incorporate heavy stress and illness as well as diets and medication.

If youre a woman in the 20% suffering from hair loss, the first thing to do is stop panicking. Stop stressing out. It only makes it worse. Your hair doesnt own you. Do not let it. Your friends will still be your friends. You wont lose your job. And the men who date you will actually be interested in you and not just your appearance.

So youre working on your attitude. Youre learning to live with it. But that doesnt mean you have to just accept it. There are options out there to help you fight back.

Rogaine is the most popular treatment for balding men. There is also a Rogaine available for women. Itll cost you under $50 a month and has been clinically proven to help reduce hair loss. If you stick with it you just might see your hair loss slow down and, in some cases, even revert.

Propecia is another medication that is FDA approved to treat hair loss. It requires a prescription, however, so make an appointment with your doctor soon.

You may also look into wigs as a certain way to hide your thinning hair. Obviously this doesnt fix the problem, but it will contruct your life much more bearable. A nice wig may be expensive, so it is up to you to decide how important it is.

By far the most important thing to remember, however, is that you are as beautiful as you ever were. In a culture that forces women to fit a mold, you may feel outcast. Do not let it change your life. You will find true all the people who will support you. You will find a man who will see past your thinning hair. Dont lose hope. And remember there are 30 million other women going through the identical thing!


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